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CrushIT story


know more about us what we do

CrushIT story

According to the Annual Employability Survey 2019 report by Aspiring Minds, only 46.21% of students were found to be employable or ready to take up jobs? Also, it was found that 60% of the faculty doesn’t even discuss how engineering concepts are applicable to the industry. These figures clearly depict the loopholes in the college curriculum. Students are trapped in a college bubble where although the curriculum is good but not good enough to land them a great job and make a mark in the already competitive industry.

We have been in the services industry as Armentum, the parent company of CrushIT, as well as a US-based services company for a long time, at least long enough to realize the dearth in skilled manpower. As Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, that’s exactly how the idea of CrushIT was born.

CrushIT was started not only for freshers but also for skilled professionals who felt constrained due to rapidly evolving software technologies and the growing job competencies. Since its inception, CrushIT has committed to deliver world-class training while working on learning methodologies and ensuring the development of the students.

We understand the importance of education in today’s competitive world and the criticality of the trainers/teachers who play a very important role in a student’s life. CrushIT has trained over 1000 students to date and we are proud to be associated with several Institutions and organizations to help an Individual realize their full potential.

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know more about us what we do

Our Vision


know more about us what we do

Our Vision

Imparting quality education for the reformation of skills, rejuvenation towards a meaningful career, and refinement of hurdles for a prospective future.

CrushIT has been committed with an innovative method of educating youth for industry knowledge with smart working capacity tends them to get better job opportunities and drive their life in a successful way all over the world.

We want to achieve unparalleled standards of quality education to create leading IT professional of global standards that will contribute towards the technical and economical growth of our country. Life is all about making the right choices, so choose your career at CrushIT and become a Industry ready professional.

know more about us what we do

Our Mission


To be a bridge between the inquisitive minds and passionate instructors and spread awareness about the latest technological trends among students all over the world and help them upgrade their skills by imparting practical and technical skills so they become industry ready.


We focus on every small and Large projects

Our experienced team


Anup Gupta

Sr. Web Engineer (Full Stack)

A talented and effective communicator who has an energetic approach to work and a friendly personality.


Ayush Nawani

Sr. Web Engineer (Mean & Mern)

Experienced Javascript Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the software industry.


Dinesh Vishwakarma

Sr. UX/UI Designer

A great design player having 12 years of experience in UX & UI, Animation, and Front-end development.



Sr. Web Engineer ( PHP & CMS)

5+ years of hands-on experience effectively coding websites and applications with modern HTML , CSS & Javascript.



Sr. Web Engineer (UI)

Software Testing Consultant, an accomplished and renowned diversified Trainer, and Mentor who has hands-on work experience 4+ years.


Padmaja Santhanam

Sr. SEO Expert

Padmaja comes with a decade of experience in Business analysis, Project Coordination and Project Management.



Sr. Quality Assurance (QA)

Diversified Trainer and Mentor with 4+ hands-on work experience in the software field.

We focus on every small and Large projects

What we believe in our core value


We encourage students to walk the extra mile and unleash the power of their creativity and innovation.


We have a team of passionate instructors with the zeal to guide students on a clear path to help them achieve professional success.


Our workshop and internship module will enhance the skills of a student and expand their horizons to triumph the odds.


We believe success comes to those who have the curiosity of finding solutions rather than waiting for others to find it.

Holistic Approach

Every journey starts with a small step and we are here to help students move forward.

Inspiring Leadership

Our instructors direct and inspire students to create unique solutions beyond one’s imagination.


We strictly abide by our values and look upon them as the strengths that keep us moving forward and delivering the best.

know more about us what we do

Learning at CrushIT

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  • Interactive discussions and hands-on exercise change to learn by sitting with Industry experts and on LIVE projects.
  • Our project development team believes in building core technical skills for young minds who have great potential to solve problems.
  • Highly skilled and dedicated instructors.
  • Trainers use hands-on methodologies like visual aids, demonstration, feedback, interactions, or group discussions. Training could be specific to institutes.
  • Hybrid Training: CrushIT hybrid training uses an innovative Learn-Implement-Review methodology helping students to understand theoretical concepts and apply them practically and, hence building innovative projects.

know more about us what we do

CrushIT Vs Institutional trainings

CrushIT is specialized in providing exceptional training programs to a variety of audiences in varying sectors as per the requirement. CrushIT aims at equipping the students with skills and knowledge essential for inculcating technical values and guiding their progress towards a career in the technical field.

What Pins our programs:
  • Intellectually stimulating
  • Intrinsically Practical Coaching
  • Applied Learning
  • Integrated Learning
  • Connecting leading-edge Program
Other Training Institutes
  • Classroom environment
  • Trainers
  • Back dated technology
  • Repeated projects
  • Local server projects & No placement