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Course Overview

With continuous advancement in technology and most businesses going online, there’s been an increase in the demand for trained web developers.

What is this workshop about?

Web development is one of the most in-demand jobs.

Web development includes developing, designing and monitoring the proper functioning of websites using programming languages such as HTML, CSS3 , Bootstrap and JavaScript

Topics covered in this workshop:

Having a working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript is elementary for every web developer.

The CrushIT Web development workshop will impart participants with a comprehensive practical knowledge on HTML – programming language for the web, CSS – formatting language to define the webpage layout, JavaScript – client-side programming language.


  • Anyone who is interested in HTML, CSS, JS and Web Development can attend this workshop.
  • Interest in learning new technologies
  • Basic knowledge about computers.
  • Each participant should bring their laptop

Why CrushIT?

At the end of this workshop, you will be able to design a fully responsive Web Page based on skills learnt.

  • Hands-on Experience
  • Highly skilled and dedicated instructors
  • Learn from Industry experts
  • Hybrid Training


  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Merit (for top performers) or Letter of Recommendation
  • A Chance of interning with our partner companies


  • Lessons 47
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 10 week
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Self
  • Categories ,

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to HTML  0/12

    • HTML editors
    • Structural elements of an HTML document
    • HTML Elements
    • HTML Attributes
    • HTML Scripts
    • Table in HTML
    • HTML Forms
    • Hypertext and Links in HTML
    • Images and Media in HTML
    • HTML Form
    • Video & Audio Elements.
    • iFrame element
  • Introduction to CSS  0/25

    • What is CSS and its Syntax
    • Types of CSS (Inline, External and Internal CSS)
    • CSS Selectors (Type, ID Class and Descendant)
    • Colors, fonts, sizes
    • CSS Box Model
    • CSS Outline
    • CSS Tables
    • CSS Display
    • CSS Overflow
    • CSS Float
    • CSS Positioning
    • CSS Opacity
    • CSS Image Styling
    • CSS Forms
    • Border, Shadows, Gradients.
    • CSS3
    • 2D Transform
    • 3D Transform
    • Animations and Transitions.
    • Introduction to Responsive Design
    • Why responsive design?
    • Fluid and Adaptive layouts
    • Elements of Responsive design
    • Media Queries
    • Full Responsive Layout based on a mockup
  • Introduction to JavaScript   0/2

    • Basic Javascript Programming
    • Introduction to jQuery and jQuery libraries
  • Introduction to Bootstrap  0/8

    • Bootstrap Grid Basic
    • Bootstrap Classes
    • Bootstrap Glyph icons
    • Bootstrap Dropdowns
    • Bootstrap Navbar
    • Bootstrap Panels
    • Bootstrap Modal
    • Bootstrap Carousel

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