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Course Overview

WordPress is an open-source content management system, that was initially developed for blogging but now can be used for web application development as well. To enhance the functionality of a website there are over 29000 plugins to select from.  

What is this workshop about?

The CrushIT 3-Day WordPress workshop will guide the students from designing to developing website to deploying a website. This workshop is designed for beginners (coders and non-coders) to help them build and deploy a fully functioning website.


  • Anyone interested in creating a website or a blog can attend this workshop.
  • Interest in web development
  • Zeal to learn new technologies.
  • Each participant should bring their laptop.

Why CrushIT?

The 3-Day CrushIT WordPress workshop is a complete website development package as it will guide the students how they can create a website, designing and deploying a website.

  • Interactive discussions and hands-on exercises
  • Highly skilled and dedicated instructors
  • Learn from Industry experts
  • Hybrid Training

At the end of this workshop, the students will be able to design and develop a fully functioning website with lots of features. The students will also have the knowledge optimizing and enhancing their website features.


  • Certificate of Participation
  • Certificate of Merit (for top performers) or Letter of Recommendation
  • A chance of interning with our partner companies


  • Lessons 71
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 10 week
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Self
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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Wordpress  0/5

    • What is WordPress?
    • How WordPress Works
    • Installation of server
    • Installation of WordPress
    • Installation of MySQL
  • Introduction to HTML, CSS & JavaScript  0/1

    • Basic of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Getting started with Wordpress  0/13

    • Introduction to Blogging
    • WordPress Semantics
    • Where to Start
    • Using Images
    • How to wrap text around images
    • Comments in WordPress
    • Linking to Posts, Pages, and Categories
    • Links Manager
    • WordPress Feeds
    • Customizing Feeds
    • How to Use Gravatars in WordPress
    • Writing Code
    • Using Password Protection
  • Designing the website  0/13

    • How to develop a colour scheme
    • Designing Headers
    • CSS Horizontal Menus
    • Navigation Links
    • Styling for Print
    • Designing Post Meta Data Section
    • Separating categories in Post Meta Data Section
    • Customizing the Read More
    • Formatting Date and Time
    • Styling Lists with CSS
    • Designing Headings
    • Using Images
    • Adding a Favicon
  • Theme Development  0/13

    • WordPress CSS Information and Techniques
    • Finding CSS Styles
    • Creating Individual Pages
    • Uploading Files
    • WordPress Blog Design and Layout
    • Using WordPress Themes
    • HTML to XHTML
    • Custom Post Types
    • Stepping Into Templates
    • Template Hierarchy
    • The WordPress Loop
    • Anatomy of a Template Tag
    • Theme Functions File Explained
  • Website Development  0/8

    • Validating a Website
    • WordPress Housekeeping
    • WordPress Site Maintenance
    • Finding Server Info
    • HTML to XHTML
    • Meta Tags in WordPress
    • Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
    • Accessibility
  • MY SQL  0/2

    • Introduction
    • Basics of MySQL
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)  0/7

    • Introduction to Ajax
    • Setting up and implementing Ajax
    • PHP and AJAX
    • AJAX Database
    • AJAX XML
    • AJAX Live Search
    • AJAX RSS Reader
  • FTP Management  0/3

    • Understanding FTP
    • Setting up FTP Server (Live)
    • Uploading and downloading FTP contents
  • Sending Emails  0/3

    • Designing email panel
    • How to send an email to various users
    • Sending auto emails
  • Deploying the website  0/3

    • Deploying application on Web Server
    • Implementing WordPress Site
    • Troubleshooting the project application after implementation

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