Faculty Development Training

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Faculty Development training
Faculty Developement Training

It’s an established fact that the Indian Higher Education System is the second largest in the world in terms of enrollment.

The Faculty Development Program of CrushIT aims at equipping the faculty members with skills and knowledge essential for inculcating technical values in students and guiding their progress towards career in technical field. At CrushIT, our aim is to increase the teaching effectiveness of these educators so that they are able to steer the students’ success journeys. Trainers use hands-on methodologies like visual aids, demonstration, feedback, interactions or group discussions. Training could be specific to institutes or it could be general including technical and non-technical training.

Teacher Enhancement Program

Duration - 24 Hours (3 days) Book for Faculty Training
Active Edification
Active edification Vol. 1 - Teaching and learning strategies
  1. Introduction to Web Technologies
  2. Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles
  3. How the Website Works?
Active edification Vol. 2 - Teaching behaviour
  1. Teaching archetypes
  2. Coaching flexibility
Local Environment Learning
Learning beyond classroom
  1. Exploiting physical environment
  2. Learn to execute
Learn to think
  1. Let the learning make sense
  2. The ‘why’ and the ‘how’
Simulating Classroom Environment
Goals of teaching
  1. Remembering goals
  2. Studying vs. learning
Tangible learning stimulation
  1. Organising classroom
  2. Learning vs. self-esteem
Developing Skills and Professional Knowledge
Exploring teaching skills
  1. Continuous professional development
  2. Generating ideas to work
  3. Like colleagues, like students
Learning focused practices
Effective teaching and learning
  1. Child perception
  2. Classroom interaction
  3. Classroom evaluation